Live Streaming directly from your mobile

Stream directly from your mobile.
Easy Setup.
Fast and Secure.




Easy to stream, Do it yourself!

MobiCast made live broadcasting easier for everybody. Now you can broadcast your Events like a pro. It’s easy and ready to use. Try MobiCast today to promote your events or products or to create personal memories.

Stream One to One, One to Many!

MobiCast is a mobile app. It allows users to do live broadcasting with its easy-to-use user interface. You can do a live streaming on the go from anywhere at any time.

Record Live Streaming and Watch Later!

MobiCast’s recording option allows you to record the live events and playback later at your convenience. Moreover, MobiCast offers live streaming and recording on multi-platforms at a very low cost.

Share the link directly with your friends

With MobiCast you can start live streaming your events from your mobile phone and share it with your friends and families. MobiCast allows your friends and families to watch live streaming on their mobile or tablets or on their laptops for convenience.